MoneyDrafting is a blog about getting a financial advantage by learning from others. For you non-motorsports enthusiasts, drafting is when one car can go faster by driving very closely behind another vehicle.  Thus, MoneyDrafting is the act of going faster by following closely the actions of those that have already achieved their financial goals.

I’m 38, married, and have four kids under the age of 10. I live in Southern California and work in finance. I’ve always been disturbed by the general public’s financial illiteracy.  I’ve been reading and learning about personal finance from both academia and everyday practitioners since I read Rich Dad Poor Dad when I was 17.

Like many, I’m interested in the FI of FIRE – less emphasis on RE – and write a lot about topics that help people work toward financial independence, wherever they are on their journey. is my take on the personal finance category that will contribute to the subject from my non-overly frugal, simple and smart investing, no-get-rich quick viewpoints.